1. In these Terms and Conditions, unless the contrary intention appears, the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

Bonus Claim means the additional claim that can be made by an Entrant up to a maximum value of $200 (inclusive of GST) for travel that exceeds 400kms from the Entrant’s residence and meets the criteria outlined in the terms and conditions.

Campaign Monitor means the cloud based email distribution platform used by the Territory to distribute emails to Entrants detailing the steps to claim the Voucher.

Entrant means a Northern Territory Resident having submitted an Entry in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Promotion.

Entrant Identification means documentation providing proof of the Entrant’s identity and status as a Northern Territory Resident.

Entry means the submission of a validly completed and verified entry form through the Website during the Promotion Period, and where approved, completion by the Entrant of all necessary actions to activate a Voucher.

Northern Territory Resident means a person who currently resides in the Northern Territory and can provide evidence of the currency of their residency in the Northern Territory through such documents as a Driver Licence, Motor Vehicle Registration, residential accommodation ownership and occupation or rental agreements being current during the Promotion Period, and Northern Territory Residency will have a corresponding meaning.

Passcreator means the online system utilised by the Territory to generate a Voucher to for an Entrant.

Promotion means the Territory Tourism Voucher Promotion Scheme established in association with the Intra Territory Tourism Support Program, as described in these Terms and Conditions.

Promotion Entry Period means the period during which the Promotion is open for Entrants to enter the promotion, being between 8:00 pm on 1 February 2021 and 11.59 pm on 30 April 2021 inclusive.

Promotion Period means the period between 1 February 2021 and 30 April 2021 or until the last Voucher has been claimed.

Tourism Product means a bookable product made available for the Tourism Voucher Scheme, which must be capable of being categorised as: an attraction; accommodation; car hire; a tour; which may include hospitality products such as food or non-alcoholic beverages (for one or more persons).

Visitor Information Centre means one of the information centres offering tourism information and Tourism Products, depending on the context required being either the Tourism Top End (Darwin), Katherine Town Council (Katherine), Tourism Central Australia (Alice Springs) or Tourism Central Australia (Tennant Creek) information centre.

Voucher means the code issued by Passcreator to the Entrant by email from Campaign Monitor with a maximum value of $200.00 (inclusive of GST) to be redeemed by the Entrant at a Visitor Information Centre.

            Website means https://www.territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au/


  1. Information on how to claim a Voucher and Voucher details form part of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. These terms and conditions constitute the Terms and Conditions of Entry (Terms & Conditions) for the ‘Tourism Territory Voucher Promotion’ (the Promotion) being conducted by Tourism NT in the Northern Territory of Australia.
  3. By submitting an Entry into the Promotion an Entrant is deemed to acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions.
  4. A non-compliant Entry will be ineligible to receive any details relating to the initiation of the Voucher. Tourism NT reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any Entrant from the Promotion if an Entry does not comply with the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Entrants must be aged 18 years or more to participate in the Promotion and must be able to provide evidence of being a current resident of the Northern Territory.  An Entrant who is asked to provide any proof of Northern Territory residency must be able to do so by each means of evidence requested by Tourism NT or any organisation conducting any part of the Promotion before any Voucher is applied to a Tourism Product by the Entrant.
  6. Each eligible Entrant is only able to claim and redeem one Voucher.
  7. Each eligible Entrant is only able to claim one Bonus Claim and only if they were issued and redeemed a Voucher.
  8. Multiple Vouchers may be redeemed against any booking of a Tourism Product and the value to be applied from the Voucher on any booking is subject to the Specific Rules set out in conditions 26 to 28.


  1. Entry into the Promotion is restricted to persons who:
    1. are a Northern Territory Resident; and
    2. are aged 18 years or over.
  2. Entry into the Promotion is open to any person who meets the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. By participating in the 'Territory Tourism Voucher' Promotion, the Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Tourism NT will:
  1. collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in order to facilitate your participation in the Promotion;
  2. disclose your personal information to Passcreator (operated in the European Union by mediahelden GmbH), to enable you to receive discount passes on your phone;
  3. disclose your personal information to Campaign Monitor (operated from the American Data Centres owned by Amazon), an email platform used for the Promotion which stores information associated with the Promotion on Tourism NT's behalf;
  4. disclose your personal information to the Visitor Information Centres for the purpose of facilitating the redemption of the Vouchers and will not use, or allow the Visitor Information Centres to use, your personal information in any other manner, other than to manage and administer the Promotion; and
  5. collect personal information about your participation in the Promotion from Tourism Top End, Tourism Central Australia, Katherine Visitor Information Centre, Passcreator, Bookeasy, and businesses participating in the Promotion;
  6. If you do not wish to participate in the promotion you may elect to:
  1. not submit an Entry; or
  2. unsubscribe from the mailing list at the time of receiving any promotional material.

*For more information about how Tourism NT manages personal information, how to contact us, and how you can access the information we hold about you, please refer to our Privacy Policy available at: https://northernterritory.com/find-out-more/privacy.

  1. For the purposes of Entry, the Promotion requires each Entrant to:
    1. supply a valid email address to Tourism NT; and
    2. provide proof of Northern Territory Residency as required in the systems or upon request of either Tourism NT or a Visitor Information Centre;
    3. receive a code by email from Campaign Monitor; and
    4. activate the Voucher by downloading into a digital wallet, printing the Voucher to present a hard copy at the Visitor Information Centre of your choice or copying the Voucher code from the email and using on the Visitor Information Centre website at the time of booking.

You may also be required to take further steps and provide additional information to make a Bonus Claim, as detailed from 37 below.

  1. By entering the Promotion, the Entrant agrees the Entry complies with the Promotion Rules, and the Entrant confirms reading and agreeing to be bound by the Promotion Terms and Conditions.
  2. Entry into the Promotion is free. However, Entrants must bear their own costs of participating in the Promotion.
  3. The issuing of each Voucher:
    1. is subject to availability and conditions of use;
    2. will be generated by Passcreator;
    3. has a maximum value of $200.00 (inclusive of GST);
    4. is redeemable by the Entrant for a new booking of a Tourism Product:
      1. at one of the following Visitor Information Centres:
        1. Tourism Top End Visitor Information Centre;
        2. Katherine Town Council Visitor Information Centre;
        3. Tourism Central Australia Visitor Information Centre in Tennant Creek; or
        4. Tourism Central Australia Visitor Information Centre in Alice Springs;
      2. in person, online or by telephone,

and its use is subject to availability of the Tourism Product selected by the Entrant.

  1. The Tourism Voucher Promotion will commence operation on 1 February 2021 and continue until the first to occur of:
    1. 30 April 2021; or
    2. all available Vouchers have been claimed and redeemed.
  2. No Voucher will be awarded to an Entrant whose Entry is received outside the Promotion Entry Period.
  3. Following submission of an Entry, Entrants will be informed by email from Campaign Monitor whether they have been assessed as eligible to receive a Voucher and about the steps to take to claim and use the Voucher.
  4. The Entrant is required to complete the steps, as informed in the email from Campaign Monitor, to download the Voucher to their personal device, print the Voucher or note the Voucher code, and to present the Voucher or Voucher code (in digital or physical form) in accordance with instructions, to the relevant Visitor Information Centre at the time of booking the Tourism Product.
  5. An Entrant may receive assistance from any of the Visitor Information Centres in completing the steps to create the Voucher on their personal device.
  6. Neither Tourism NT nor the Visitor Information Centres will be responsible for any loss of opportunity, or become liable to provide any replacement value for a Voucher if an Entrant fails to complete the steps required to create a Voucher on their personal device.
  7. Entrants need to make themselves aware of the rules applying to:
    1. the use of the Voucher through a Visitor Information Centre only (i.e. the Voucher cannot be applied to a booking or payment made directly with the Tourism Product provider);
    2. the range of available Tourism Products from the Visitor Information Centres and their selection of the Tourism Products included in the Tourism Voucher Promotion; 
    3. the single transaction requirements and limits of value for use of the Voucher toward the cost of the Tourism Product; and
    4. the payment at the time of booking of the balance of the cost for the Tourism Product selected.
  8. Any Voucher to be used by an Entrant:
    1. is subject to the terms and conditions of the Tourism Voucher Promotion set by Tourism NT and made available on the Website;
    2. must be redeemed within 14 days of issuance of the Voucher or before 30 April 2021 (whichever comes first);
    3. must be used for travel completed by 30 April 2021;
    4. is exclusive of any additional costs and liabilities incurred beyond the value of the Voucher (used in accordance with the conditions of use) or incurred after the Voucher has been redeemed;
    5. must result in the use of the value of the Voucher in a single transaction when redeeming the Voucher. No ‘change’ or ‘credit’ will remain on the Voucher for use at a later date or on a subsequent booking;
    6. is personal, and not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash;
    7. may be subject to terms and conditions of the third party providers, including where the Entrant is required to agree to those terms and conditions at the time of redeeming the Voucher;
    8. may be required to provide proof of identity if requested by Tourism NT, the Visitor Information Centre or a Tourism Operator;
    9. cannot be used to pay any cancellation or fees incurred for cancelling or changing any booking;
    10. cannot be used for scheduled flights within or outside of the NT;
  9. Entrants are only entitled to receive and redeem one Voucher.
  10. There is a maximum number of Vouchers available to be claimed. The Vouchers will be issued on a first come first served basis.


  1. Entrants will receive a single Voucher with a value of two hundred dollars ($200.00) inclusive of GST and will only be able to redeem the Voucher during a single transaction at a Visitor Information Centre when purchasing one or more bookable Tourism Products.

*Entrants cannot go directly to Tourism Product providers to apply the Voucher toward payment for the Tourism Product.

*Whether or not the Entrant is able to use the full value of the Voucher in a single transaction, the Entrant may only redeem the Voucher once.

  1. At the time of booking the Entrant (or Entrants):
    1. may use the Voucher (or Vouchers) for part of the payment, provided the value of the contribution from the Voucher (or Vouchers) is no more than 50% of the total amount payable for all Tourism Products being purchased in the same transaction up to a maximum value of $200 (inclusive of GST) per Voucher;
    2. is (are) required to pay the balance of the price for each Tourism Product included in the same transaction.

*For example:

  • a Tourism Product with a price of less than $400 (inclusive of GST) will be payable by an equal application of the Voucher and payment by the Entrant (i.e. a 50/50 split of the price between Voucher and Entrant contribution); with any remaining value on the Voucher to be considered non-refundable and non-transferable;
  • a Tourism Product with a price of $400 (inclusive of GST) will be payable by applying the whole of the Voucher and the Entrant paying an additional $200;
  • a Tourism Product with a price greater than $400 (inclusive of GST) will be payable by applying the whole of the Voucher and the Entrant paying any additional balance.         
  1. Entrants are not entitled to:
    1. receive the cash value of the Voucher from Tourism NT;
    2. redeem the Voucher for a Gift Card at a Visitor Information Centre or elsewhere;
    3. redeem the Voucher for cash at a Visitor Information Centre or elsewhere;
    4. obtain a refund for that part of the payment made by applying the Voucher for products ‘booked and not taken’; or
    5. receive change from the value of the Voucher.

*Any remaining value on the Voucher may be applied to another Tourism Product purchased at the same time, and by applying the same contribution rates as set out in condition 28 above.

*For example: The Entrant may book a tour with a value of $200 and hotel accommodation with a value of $200 on the same booking, and use the full value of the voucher.

The Entrant is NOT able to book a tour with a value of $100 and apply $50 of value from the Voucher, and then subsequently in a separate transaction make a booking for hotel accommodation to apply the residual value of the Voucher.

At the end of the initial transaction applying the value of the Voucher, any residual amount of the Voucher will no longer be available.


  1. The Entrant must pay and incur all additional costs and liabilities for the Tourism Product booked (including but not limited to fees relating to your booking). 
  2. An amendment fee will be charged to the Entrant by the Visitor Information Centre for any booking amendment.
  3. Tourism NT, its agents and servants are not, and will not become liable for any additional costs and liabilities arising from the Entrant’s booking or consumption, use or experience of the Tourism Product.
  4. The Entrant indemnifies Tourism NT for any additional costs and liabilities incurred by the Entrant or any other person consuming, using or experiencing the Tourism Product.
  5. If, for any reason, the booking of Tourism Product on which the Voucher was applied, or any part of that booking, is cancelled or changed by the Entrant, Tourism NT will not be liable to the Entrant or any other person claiming through the Entrant to reimburse or refund any value of the Voucher.
  6. If the Tourism Product provider cancels a booking made by the Entrant and no suitable alternative date is available, the Entrant may have the value of the Voucher applied transferred by the Visitor Information Centre to an alternative Tourism Product (and adjusted if required to ensure the Voucher does not equate to more than 50% of the booking total).
  7. Tourism NT will be the final determinate in relation to the validity or re-validation of an Entrant’s Voucher.


  1. The Bonus Claim is managed entirely by Tourism NT.
  2. An Entrant can claim up to an additional $200 (inclusive of GST) directly from Tourism NT where the specified eligibility criteria are met.
  3. The Bonus Claim can be made by following the link received by email at time of booking or the Entrant can submit via an online form at https://territoryvoucher.nt.gov.au/claim-my-bonus.
  4. A Bonus Claim will not be paid until all travel has been completed and the Entrant has provided any supporting documentation requested by Tourism NT.
  5. The maximum claim amount is $200; the value will be calculated on the booking total less the Voucher amount and matching contribution applied in the original transaction and can be no more than 50% of the remaining total.

*For example:

  • The Entrant books a tour with a value of $1,000. At the time of booking; a Voucher was applied for $200 and the Entrant was required to pay the remaining $800. The Voucher and minimum 50% contribution in this example equates to $400; therefore the booking value eligible for a Bonus Claim would be $600. The Entrant would be entitled to the full $200 Bonus Claim.
  • The Entrant books a tour with a value of $500. At the time of booking; a Voucher was applied for $200 and the Entrant was required to pay the remaining $300. The Voucher and minimum 50% contribution in this example equates to $400; therefore the booking value eligible for a Bonus Claim would be $100. The Entrant would be entitled to a Bonus Claim of $50.
  1. Registering for a Bonus Claim is restricted to persons who:
    1. have received and redeemed a Voucher during the campaign period;
    2. have spent in excess of $400 on bookable Tourism Product;
    3. have travelled 400kms or more (by road or air); calculated based on the following criteria:
  • The total number of kms of your journey from your place of residence (based upon proof of ID), to the final Tourism Product on your itinerary (measuring the distance to each Tourism Product on your journey).
  • Your journey to each Tourism Product must be sequential (i.e. you may not return home in between each booking).

Example 1: You are based in Darwin. You book two nights’ accommodation in Kakadu and two nights’ accommodation in Katherine. If these bookings are sequential (i.e. you drive from Darwin, to Kakadu to Katherine); you have travelled in excess of 500kms by road and will be eligible for the Bonus Claim.

Example 2: If you create an itinerary with bookings for two weekends but travel back to your residence in between, it will be considered two separate trips. Each trip would need to be reviewed separately for eligibility for a Bonus Claim.

  • The distance between each Tourism Product will be measured using the shortest route on the Google Maps tool.
  • Your journey home from the last Tourism Product will not be included in the distance calculation.
    1. have submitted their claim within 7 days of receipt of booking confirmation; and
    2. have provided proof of travel as requested by Tourism NT.
  1. In addition to details required to participate in the Voucher scheme, Entrants wishing to make a Bonus Claim will be required to submit an online form at the time of registration including:
    1. First name;
    2. Last name;
    3. Email address;
    4. Residential address;
    5. Phone number;
    6. Attach a proof of residence document (i.e. Current Drivers Licence, Rates Notice, Utilities Bill, Phone Bill);
    7. Voucher code;
    8. Travel end date;
    9. Itinerary number; and
    10. Bank account name, BSB and account number.

Tourism NT will collect, hold (including via Campaign Monitor) and use this information in order to verify eligibility for, and administer payment of, the Bonus Claim, and audit the Bonus Claim scheme.  It may also disclose personal information to its payment processors to facilitate payment of the Bonus Claim.  Once this information is no longer required for these purposes, it will be deleted.

  1. A single Bonus Claim must be made by each Voucher holder; and the claim form must contain the same personal details as the Entrant’s Voucher registration.
  2. The Territory reserves the right to:
    1. exercise discretion in determining an Entrant’s eligibility to a Bonus Claim; and
    2. request documentation supporting proof of travel (i.e. receipts, bank statement, attraction tickets etc.).



  1. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that:
    1. to the extent permitted by law, the Entrant indemnifies Tourism NT and its personnel from any claim, loss, damage or damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, economic, direct or indirect loss, or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with, or arising from, this Promotion; 
    2. if, for any reason, the Promotion is not capable of running as planned Tourism NT reserves the right in its absolute discretion to take any action that is legally available to Tourism NT to reschedule, change or cancel the Promotion.
  2. Entrants acknowledge and agree that Tourism NT (and the Northern Territory of Australia):
    1. accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible, corrupted or misdirected entries, claims or correspondence whether due to error, omission, alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission interruption, communications failure or otherwise.
    2. have no control over communication networks or services, the Internet, or computer or telephone networks or lines and accepts no responsibility for any problems associated with them, whether due to traffic congestion, technical malfunction or otherwise;
    3. are not liable for any consequences of defects or errors including in connection with the Promotion’s automated entry process, defect in any connectivity to the Site or any device or software; and
    4. Any tax liability, fees for use, or any other associated legislative or regulatory requirement arising from the acceptance or use of a Voucher is the responsibility of the recipient Entrant. Neither Tourism NT nor the Northern Territory of Australia will be responsible or liable for any additional costs, taxes, fees or charges incurred by the Entrant arising from the Entrant’s receipt or use of the Voucher.


  1. The Entrant acknowledges Tourism NT may wish to promote tourism generally, or any aspect of the Promotion relating to the Vouchers and the Entrant understands Tourism NT may approach the Entrant to participate in editorial activities relating to the Promotion including, but not limited to, interviews, photographs, films or other recordings of the same for publication in any media for an unlimited period without remuneration for the purpose of promoting this Promotion (including any outcome) or in connection with winning or enjoying the Voucher and promoting any Tourism Products associated with this Promotion;
  2. For the purposes of this condition, the Tourism NT Privacy Policy is located at https://northernterritory.com/find-out-more/privacy.
  3. If Tourism NT requests the Entrant’s participation in media promotions, the consent of the Entrant will be sought for Tourism NT sending emails for research, survey, promotion and general promotion purposes.


  1. An Entrant must not:
    1. tamper with the entry mechanism;
    2. use scripting, an application or code to submit multiple entries; or
    3. manipulate the participation process or the entry mechanism adopted by Tourism NT (whether via website or the social media channel) for accepting your entry and/or otherwise act unfairly or dishonestly or try to influence the promotion by disruption, harassment, annoyance of employees/software of Tourism NT.
  2. Failure by Tourism NT to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.




  1. Any collection, storage or use by Tourism NT of any personal information provided by an Entrant will be subject to the provisions of the Information Act 2002 and IPPs while the personal information is in the possession of Tourism NT.  For more information about how Tourism NT manages personal information, how to contact us, and how you can access the information we hold about you, please refer to our Privacy Policy available at: https://northernterritory.com/find-out-more/privacy.


  1. Tourism NT is responsible for:
    1. Arrangements with the Visitor Information Centres relating to the distribution and application of the Vouchers and funding of the Tourism Voucher Promotion;
    2. managing all publications, entries, communications and terms and conditions relating to the conduct of the Promotion;
    3. the collection of each Entry for inclusion in the Promotion;
    4. the verification process relating to an Entrant and their eligibility to receive a Voucher; and
    5. the verification and payment process relating to an Entrant’s Bonus Claim.
  2. The management of the Promotion by Tourism NT will be subject to principles of good governance and management contained in the laws of the Northern Territory and relevant Northern Territory Government policies and procedures.
  3. Information about applicable laws, policies, procedures and principles can be obtained by contacting: [email protected]au


  1. In the event there is any complaint or dispute arising from the conduct, management of or determinations made under the Promotion terms and conditions, lodged with Tourism NT, the decision of the CEO or a Deputy CEO of Tourism NT will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. The Promotion is governed by the Laws of the Northern Territory of Australia. Each Entrant agrees to be bound by the Laws of the Northern Territory and to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Northern Territory to determine any dispute or claim brought before a Court of the Northern Territory.
  3. Should any provision of these Terms & Conditions be held to be unenforceable under the applicable law, such provision shall be deemed severed from these Terms & Conditions, without affecting the enforceability or validity of the remaining provisions, which shall continue in full force and effect.
  4. Tourism NT reserves the absolute right and discretion to change, add to or alter any of the terms and conditions of the Promotion if in the opinion of the CEO of Tourism NT it is in the interests of the Northern Territory to make such changes to the Promotion.  Notification of each change made to the terms and conditions of Promotion will be by publication of the changes on the Website, and each Entrant will be bound by the terms and conditions of the Promotion as changed, added to or altered.
  5. These Terms and Conditions form the basis of an agreement made between Tourism NT and all Entrants which is made and entered into in the Northern Territory of Australia.